About Me

Shri.Pawan Pandit, BA(born on December 22, 1983) A Well-known Media and film Personality and an Activist of high reputation. He is a Chairperson of the Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal . He is committed to the reformation of many typical social evils like –child labour , female foeticide, child marriage , honour killings etc. He is a founder of NGOs like 'Manav Seva Dharm' and AAS. He is also a recipient of Awards like Subhash Chander Boss Award-2012, Brahaman Mahasabha Award-2010. He is editor-in-chief of RashtraNews,IFAA Film Directory and Bollywood Dreams , a nation wide noted Hindi magazine.

Early Life Mr.Pawan Pandit was born at Bhiwani, Haryana in Haryanvi Bhramin family of Bhardwaj gotra. Pawan's surname was Bhardwaj but he dropped it, as he did not want to indicate his caste. But because of his nature, people called him Pandit.While studying in Intermediate at Government Senior Secondary School,Bhiwani, he raised his voice for student’s rights against school authorities for the benefit of his 3000 schoolmates. Mr.Pandit started the career as an Educational Social worker, he started a charitable school (up to Metric) called Pargati Vidhya Vihar while pursuing his Graduation from MDU in 2003-2004. Now Pargati Vidhya Vihar is a senior secondary school currently run by his family members.

Film and TV Activities He is the chairman of IFAA, a leading film association, which aims to promote unrecognised creative artists whether it is actors, directors, writers or technicians And also to promote socio-political awareness by glorifying Indian ethics, morals and culture . He is also serves as the Chief Editor in IFAA film Directoiry and Bollywood Dreams , a nationwide recognized monthly magazine which is working since last four years. He is president of The Film Fedration of Delhi(FFD). FFD is a Cinema business body to promote Film Industry of Delhi. It promotes film as an art form, inculcates a taste for good cinema by exposure to quality World Cinema. The FFD is having a mission to spread awareness on film appreciation and help the audience enjoy cinema to its fullest. It conducts film screenings across the Delhi through film clubs, Film Festivals, Film appreciation workshops. He is a Chairman of All Television and Radio Association(ATRA) an organization of all televisions & radios communications professionals that provides opportunities for networking, forums for training and resources for information.

Social Activities He is the founding president of Aam Aadmi Sangthan(AAS), an NGO on a national level which engages itself in social activities, awareness among youth. Whenever human beings or any creature of this universe are in any trouble, they have only one thing in their mind, Whether whatever language or words they might express themselves in, that is, ‘please help me or god help me’. But this appeal is heard by none other than those who are near us and these are our own people but so many people of this world are such whose appeal is heard by nobody. To help such unheard voices, mr. pawan pandit established this organization in 2001. Even president of Akhil Bharatiya Brahmin Mahasangh has appreciated his efforts and achievements by presenting him a memento and praised his ideas which rise above caste and religion. After that, on 22 dec,2oo9, he established an organization called ‘manav seva dharam’rising above all kinds of social and religious biases. This organization believes that if you believe in god or you want to get something from god, then you must help the poor and needy people, you will become substitute god for those needy and for those who want to serve humanity must know the fact that there is no greater religion or caste or any blessings than to serve humanity. Following all these objectives, let’s commit ourselves to make it worldwide message through ‘Help’. Apart from helping needy, ‘Help’ is also committed to the reformation of many typical social evils like –child labour , female foeticide, child marriage , honour killings etc. Mr. Pawan Pandit is the chairman of the Bhartiya Gau Raksha Dal. It is an organization who works for cow's protection and the goal of the organization is stop the cow killing. Cow is the source of progress and prosperity. It is staffed by well-qualified technical professionals with years of experience in manufacturing of products. He runs a campaign called Swadeshi Abhiyan to promote Indian products over Imported ones.

Journalism. Mr. Pawan Pandit is an editor-in-chief of IFAA Film Directory and Bollywood Dreams(a National Hindi Monthly) both of them are publications of IFAA. He is also Editor-in-chief of Rashtranews.com a wide ranged online news service. He is also running 2 campaigns one is Swaraj Sanwad and other is Vipaksh

Swaraj Sanwad focuses on bring out public opinion about freedom. It is an initiative to develop leadership in a common man. It empowers people in fight against corruption and crime without any political propaganda The Vipaksh opposes the Authoritativeness of people in power by raising the public’s issues before government